Good night

1. A palanquin is made from the moonlight We have decorated this palanquin with stars, O wind, move slowly My friend has had a lovely sleep.

2. Say goodbye to sorrows, You make happiness with me, With this moonlight of the moon and the procession of stars, This night has come with sweet dreams.

3. Candles don’t light without light,
The moon does not shine without the night, so how can we sleep Without saying to you.

4. Don’t give the gift of the night at night, Don’t give a flower gift to a flower, We can also give you the moon to give, But do not give the gift of the moon to the moon.

5. We will come to meet you in dreams,
Just put out the lamp of this light,
Can’t wait to meet you now Just drop the curtains from your eyes.

6. the near happiness, May he always be lucky to you… every moment of life forever
cool for you…Whatever you like
May your heart shine….whatever your life May that companion always be with you!!

7. The stars are many for the moon, But to the stars the moon is one, There will be thousands for you, But you are the only one for us.

8. May you have light every night,
Everyone loves you, All the time you passed with the help of their memories, someone like this is going to decorate your dreams.

9. Happy night to you, God’s support even in the dreams met. When you open your eyes,
lots of happiness with you.


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