Natural cleaner

It is very difficult to keep the utensils, furniture, and windows clean in some way or other along with the soil in the house. In such a situation, you need some such tips that will make your work easier.

1. lemon – The citric acid found in lemon acts as a natural cleaner, so it can be used to remove any type of stain.

2. Baking soda – The ground looks dirty with greasy marks and scratches.  Removing these spots is not an easy task.

3. Salt- salt eating test And the cleaning agent also works with it.

Newspaper – Some people consider the newspapers to be a baker and give it to the kabaddi person, the glass should be cleaned with the newspaper. Use Newspaper can be used for

5. vinegar- This is also a way to clear the floor from the ground naturally.  Take half a cup of white vinegar and mix it in a bucket of water.  You can also add lemon juice to this solution to make it more effective.  Scrub the floor with this solution.

6. Potato- To clean silver, keep the jewelry or utensils in the water in which potatoes have been boiled for 20 minutes. Silver will shine.

Cutting a potato slice and rubbing it on the glass clears the glass.

7.  dish soap – Indeed, it is not a completely homemade method. But a light dish soap is better than ever with a strong phenyl. Another advantage of this is that it is useful for cleaning all types of floors. Make a mixture of liquid dish soap, hot water, lemon juice, and vinegar, and clean the floor with this mixture.


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