Food poisoning – this begins with abdominal pain. Apart from abdominal pain, fever can also be a symptom of food poisoning.

There are other reasons for vomiting, being weak, and having headaches. The same applies because the main reason for its occurrence is also eating spoiled food.

The main cause is exposure to bacteria. there is a lack of water in the human body, and ORS helps to overcome this deficiency.

1. Wash it – Raw vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly with salt water.

2. Liquid diet- do not let the lack of water in the body at all. Drink plenty of water, take coconut water, and liquid diet. Do not eat spoiled food or food kept for a long time. Simple food should be taken.

3. Cooking at normal temperatures kills harmful organisms in most foods. To determine the safe temperature for cooking food. A food thermometer can be used.

4. Drinking lemon juice and honey mixed in warm water provide relief.

5. Banana is very useful during food poisoning. The potassium present in it makes the body recover faster.

6. Do not keep food in the fridge for a long time. Finish the food in one day.

7. While keeping raw meat in the fridge, keep it away from cooked food or else bacteria can grow in it.

8. Apple acts as an enzyme that helps in inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

9. Basil has antimicrobial properties. By consuming it, the infection of the stomach is removed and other problems are also less and Drinking a decoction of basil gives relief.


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