Good thinking quotes

1. For good thinking quotes Only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go.

2. First of all, try to calm your mind by paying close attention to your breathing. After that, try to silence the sound that keeps popping up in your mind. So if you want to increase your intelligence and memory, then you have to make a habit of controlling your mind.

3. True success is not achieved without peace of mind.

4. If you want to change your destiny, first of all, change your thoughts.

5. Find the work that you like the most in life and do that work.

6. A wise man is not the one who answers a brick with a stone. Rather it is the person who builds his house out of that brick. So not only take revenge but think of bringing change. Do not make anyone look small, but think of making yourself big.

7. Your actions are your identity, otherwise, there are millions of people with one name.

8.  One should not always wait in life, because the right time never comes, it has to be brought.

9.  Even the fruits of one tree are not equal, so do not compare yourself with others.  It can destroy your inner peace.

10. The paths never end, just people lose courage, and have to learn to swim,  So one has to get into the water, one does not become a diver by sitting on the shore.

11. Don’t change your way, upset by people’s condemnation Because success comes not from shame, but courage.

12. Poverty does not arise by working hard, by doing religion there is no sin, by staying silent there is no discord.

13. Confidence is the most beautiful morning of life which keeps your whole day beautiful. Those who have a bad time. Do support them, but it is better to stay away from those who have bad intentions.


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