Piano- The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) of Italy. There are two main types of the grand and the upright. World Piano Day is celebrated on 29 March.

Some people are fond of the piano and play music. This is a keyboard musical instrument consisting of strings that sound when struck with a keyboard-operated felt hammer. It is also called pianoforte.

It is said about this is difficult to learn and It takes a lot of practice to play it. The piano has a total of 88 black and white keys.

To learn,  you can take the help of a music teacher, online courses, and YouTube Because when someone will understand what chords are? What are Notes? What is Octave? Only a teacher can give you all this information.

A part of all this, the more you practice, the more and sooner you will be able to learn to play.

Learning to sing can help you memorize or write down the song. After that, you can easily repeat it on the. Playing improves the mood and does not cause tension.

This is a blessing if you have a child who is interested in playing an instrument. If your child loves music, singing or dancing, can be the door to the joy of a lifetime.

Speed, accuracy, strength, coordination, balance, relaxation, stamina are all essential and are only improved by practicing.

If you can not buy piano then you can download app store or play store in your mobile and practice.



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