Swimming – we should be done daily. This is a type of exercise. It is keeps the brain active and there is no tension in the brain.

Cholesterol remains normal and Obesity is reduced. Blood circulation remains correct.

There are different types of Breaststroke, backstroke, back crawl, and crawl or free stele.

Sleep is good after and It  has the advantage that we can save others from drowning and save ourselves from drowning. It is good for our health.

It gives Confidence. To learn to swim, you have to remove the fear of water. Will not be afraid scared to sit near the swimming pool.

This is  costumes should be worn. Apply sunscreen lotion while swimming. Apply oil to the hair so that there is no harm. after take a bath in the bathroom.

What is the importance of swimming in life?

1. It  has many health benefits, which include weight loss, muscle tone, strong bones, body strength, energy, etc.

2. This  is a type of aerobic exercise, which gives strength to the heart, helps in increasing the ability to pump blood.

3. It is daily gives strength to the bones of your body, which makes them strong and also reduces the risk of developing arthritis in the future.

4. Swimming is considered safe even if there is arthritis or bone injury. In summer, the pain of the whole body disappears by staying in the warm water of the swimming pool.

5. During swimming, the arms and legs of the child are fully exposed. Due to the rapid movement, good stretching of the hands and feet is done. This increases the height of the children very well.


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