Good thoughts

Good thoughts  1. People who live life relying on others are always unhappy, so if we want to be happy in life then we should try to become self-reliant.

2. someone short of money or money
Because he was not poor. man poor
It happens because of your thinking!

3. I asked for God’s power, He gave me difficulties To increase courage.

4. Came empty-handed, have to go empty-handed Staying with love is to maintain the best relationship.

5. Everyone understands the words,
Humsafar should be such that even he understands the confusion.

6. mistake is a page of life But relationship is a whole book a mistake when needed tear the page, but one page never lose a whole book for.

7. read write fight laugh cry
do anything, but the one who dreamed Complete it by all means.

8.  Anxieties, troubles, sorrows and troubles cannot be removed by fighting the circumstances, they will be overcome by removing their inner weakness due to which they are really born.

9.  Relationships and paths are two sides of the same coin. sometimes the paths are lost while playing the relationship,,, and sometimes the relationship is formed while walking on the path.

10. Love is such a fruit, which is available in every season and which can be enjoyed by all.

11. Don’t let your failures dominate you, rather use failures as your stepping stone to success.

12. Reading a little and thinking more, talking less and listening more is the way to become intelligent.



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