avoid excuses- 1. Avoid the excuses of luck, the key to your luck is in your hands. Which lock will you open? It’s up to you. Right thinking leads to right luck.

Don’t blame your luck and we think luck is bad. Stop making excuses for luck and get ready to turn your dreams into reality with full preparation, hard work, dedication, and determination.

2. I am not keeping well.  it is your loss, not time. . Time is what we want the most but use it the wrong way. Start living from today, not an excuse. this is a big sign of success.

3. Some people think he has more brains. I have lower Always keep one thing in mind that the mind is nothing but negative, sow it between the positives, not the negatives. What you sow in the seed, so is the harvest.

Stop thinking about negative things and there is laziness when you do not work. Go ahead thinking about the work.

4.  I don’t have time. some people making excuses. It means that when someone wants to avoid working or not talk, the excuse of not having time is made again and again. There is the problem of laziness and unsuccessful.

5. Sometimes, without even starting the work, we assume that this work is very difficult. This work cannot be done by Me.

6. If it is used differently, then this time will be enough to rectify that weakness. And then there will be no need to make excuses.” So one should not make excuses but make oneself productive. The right mindset is to discard the excuse for success. Making excuses is the way to failure, it is best to avoid it.



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