gas home remedies
gas home remedies- In case of flatulence and gas formation, you can treat it with the things present at home and get rid of this disease from its root. It is formed due to an empty stomach and by eating extra. Cause of the abdominal pain.

must walk every day- Take a walk after a meal. Its digestion remains correct and does not cause flatulence.

benefits of warm water- Lemon juice should be taken in warm water and eat carom seeds and black salt with taking warm water Gas causes headaches and drink eno with water.

Carbohydrate-rich food produces more gas as compared to fat and protein-rich food.

avoid oily and heavy food- Do not eat oily food and heavy food. Should drink more water.

It is produced by eating stale food. Some people eat food quickly and should eat slowly.

Do not drink empty tea in the morning and eat biscuits with tea.

In the summer season, people often drink buttermilk. Mixing black salt and carom seeds in it gives instant relief from its problem.

Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 teaspoons of water provides relief from the problems.

Most people eat a lot of kidney beans and white chickpeas, but let us tell you that both of them make a lot of gas in the stomach. So try to keep away from it because you can have a lot of difficulty in digesting it, only then you start getting gas in the stomach.

Doing yoga and exercise in the morning gives relief and after eating food one has to take a walk.



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