Types of melon
Types of melon- it is a fruit of the same species. These fruits are eaten fresh. Many subspecies of melon are found in different states of India, but there is no significant difference in the properties.

Melon is available in many colors, but usually, it turns from green to yellow or orange when ripe.

Its cooling effect and sweet taste full of juice make it a special place among the fruits eaten in summer. Being full of juice, it also fulfills the lack of water in the body in summer.

Any fruit should not be consumed even at night, because fruits at night cause more harm to health than benefit.

An extract of melon called Oxicaine has been proven to cure kidney problems and stones. Due to the high water content in it, it also cleans the kidneys.

The fruit is called Yubari Melon, which is a melon. It is said to be the most expensive fruit in the world. This fruit is grown only in Japan, and only rich people can buy and eat it.

1. Water Melon- It contains anti-oxidant amino acids. Muscle problem goes away. Drinking its juice does not cause heat.

2. Casaba Melon – This fruit is found in Turkey, but now it is found in India. Due to low sodium and sugar, they can add to their diet regularly.

3. Sarda melon – Apart from being delicious, they are rich in Vitamin C and have immune-boosting properties.

4. Cantaloupe Melon – Found in America which is found all over the world. Cantaloupe is full of vitamins, minerals, and other essential micronutrients.


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