Multani benefits

Multani benefits- it is soil helps in excessive, oily skin and inactive functioning. It is a cooling herb that soothes the skin. It is useful in removing stains. A soil pack can be applied every other day for oily skin.

1. it has no smell or taste. soil is a beneficial herb for many common ailments.

2. Rose water can be used instead of lemon juice. This improves the blood circulation of the skin and keeps the skin tight. It can give an oil-free look to your skin and thereby eliminate the problem of acne and pimples.

3. It brings shine to the hair and also helps in protecting the hair from hair fall. It can help prevent hair lose and treat conditions like dandruff and eczema.

4. After applying, the face becomes dry, so after washing it, apply some gel or cream on the face.

5. Lemon juice should be avoided in adding lemon juice to a can itching the face.

6. Using in the winter season can make the skin very dry. Because its taste is cold.

7. People who have dry skin should not use in large quantities. This is should not be used more than twice a week.

8. Those who have sensitive skin should use multani mitti sparingly. Because due to its excessive use, it also brings rash on the face and the skin starts looking lifeless and dull.

9.  Those who have cold or cough should keep some distance from Multani Mitti. Because the effect of multani mitti is cold, due to which the problem of cold and cough increases.

10. Multani mitti is very beneficial for oily skin. Applying curd mixed in it gives relief from the problem of tanning.


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