My hobby  reading.

My hobby  reading- Everyone should develop a hobby so that he can be busy and do something creative in his spare time.

For those who like to read books, good books are like their best friends. Reading a book makes our mind happy and attains knowledge.

He does not have this habit, no matter how many valuable things and wealth he has, yet he is like a poor without knowledge.

One cannot remain lonely and troubled by reading books. Reading it gives both knowledge and pleasure.

I don’t know when I start reading the books and many things are written in google searches.

I like to read books and newspapers while traveling by train, bus, and airplane.

The hobby of reading books helps us to overcome our problems. Interest helps us to forget our worries.

Books are our best friend, it never deceives us. Books never let you feel lonely. But there is a need to be careful about books.

To read a book, the mind must first be calm because if the mind is not calm then you will not be able to read the book.

First you take 30 minutes, then after a few days increase the time and first such books should be read in which you enjoy, which makes you feel like.

Consistent reading strengthens connections in the brain, improves memory and concentration, and may even help you live longer.

Devil’s Bible is also considered the most dangerous book in the world, because till date it is not known who wrote it and why.


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