Soaking feet
Soaking feet – Somebody put a tub full of hot water for you under your feet and then you immerse your feet in it and remove all the tiredness of your body. Amazing feeling isn’t it?

Take a small tub of water ankle deep. add a fistful of salt to it.keep a fresh water mug and towal to wipe aside. Immerse feet in the tub with both hands facing upwards and eyes open, for 5 minutes.

Keep attendance on top of heat Wash feet with clean water and wipe clean. Flush away the used water. Keep this feet soak kit only for this and do use for any other purpose.

1. Improves meditation – By meditating for 1 hour or more daily, our mind becomes calm, so that when we read, see or try to remember anything, we remember very easily and we also remember many old things.

2. Great stress reliever – While meditating, when you remove negative thoughts from your mind, you are able to focus more on anything.

3. Enjoy sound sleep – After getting enough sleep, you feel very energetic and the memory of people who get enough sleep becomes very good.

4. If there are any thoughts, please avoid reacting to them and Stay away from negative people, places and things.

5. Read inspirational/motivational books. By doing water meditation, there is no fatigue and diseases are removed.

6. Soaking your feet in rock salt water can be very beneficial for you if you have problems with leg muscles or pain around the knees and ankles and you can get relief from the pain that happens every day.

7. Minerals present in Himalayan salt relieves muscle spasms and improves blood circulation.


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