Good morning
Good morning – 1. No one in his life no pain, The world may not support but his mother’s love never diminishes! happy Mother’s Day.

2. the person who is far away around us, So understand. relation to that person Connected to our soul.

3. life is a dream one who wants to live
sorrow will turn into happiness Just have a habit of smiling.

4 Laughing at those who have cried. Celebrating those who are upset, You reunite those who are separated, Whenever you come in the lovely morning, Bringing only happiness for all.

5. friendship no one trust is happiness
before the disaster Responsibility.

6. Keep doing good deeds for the satisfaction of the mind, no one else can see it or not, but God is watching.

7. The philosophy of ice cream is: Take enjoy before it melts. The philosophy of melting the candle is: When it melts, give light to others.  To be happy, we must shift our sentiment from ice cream to candle, from selfish to Selfishness.

This will happen through the medium of service.  We have to stay empathy from Fallacy with precaution.  This means that while praying for the help of others, we have to keep all our wheels in balance.  This is the principle of staying selfish while being selfless.

8. It is our duty to encourage everyone in the struggle to live by our high thoughts, and try to make this idea closer to the truth.

9.  In life man  loses only by two things, first  time and second  love,  time never belongs to anyone, and  love never gets to anyone.

10. Anger comes alone but takes away all our goodness from us, At the same time, patience also comes alone, but gives us all our goodness.

11. to be happy in life, It is necessary to have two powers, first stamina And the second understanding power.

12. True relationship is like a good book, no matter how old,  Still the words do not change.


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