There are different types of aerobic exercise. Exercising gives energy and is good for health and does not cause fatigue and keeps the mind fresh.

different types of aerobic

1. skipping a rope – Jumping rope keeps you fit and keeps the body healthy. Apart from this, children who practice jumping rope from the beginning, see its effect in their length.

2. running or jogging- Running is a very effective form of aerobics exercise. It improves your heart health, burns fat and calories and boosts your mood. Jogging makes your body agile and you sweat during jogging, which makes you feel better.

3. Walking- Walking daily reduces the risk of heart disease, obesity, sugar, high blood pressure and depression. Taking a walk in the morning is beneficial for our health.

4. Cycling- This is a great exercise for the legs. It also strengthens the legs and gives flexibility to the whole body. Cycling boosts mental health and brain power.

5. Dance- Dancing is also a workout and fun together. Dancing aerobics is beneficial for children’s health.Dance is one of the simplest and most beneficial aerobics exercises. Due to this a lot of calories are destroyed from the body.

6. Swimming- Swimming is also a type of aerobic exercise, in which the whole body gets exercised simultaneously. Swimming provides relaxation to your body as well as the mind. 30 minutes of swimming daily strengthens bones.

7. Badminton- Due to continuous jumping, running, and stretching while playing badminton, the heart rate increases significantly, due to which your lungs also start working better.


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