types of salt

There are different types of salt.  Normal Salt, Black Salt, Rock Salt, Sea Salt.

1. Rock Salt – Rock salt improves digestion. Regulates blood pressure. Make muscles strong. Rock salt boosts immunity. Helps in reducing sugar cravings.

This salt is used in making ice cream and at the same time this salt helps in maintaining the shape of that ice cream. That is, don’t let it melt.

2. black salt- The amount of calcium, potassium, and magnesium in black salt is much higher than in plain salt.  Black salt is considered very good for diabetics.

3. By taking hot water and black salt on an empty stomach in the morning, the weight is kept under control.

4.Sea salt – Sea salt is rich in magnesium.  Hence it is very good for the skin. Also the amount of sodium that hydrates the skin.

Sea salt is salt water. It Removes Dehydration.  Relieves Foot Pain.  Use For Oral Health.  Makes Hair Stronger.

5. plain salt- To say plain salt is called plain salt, but in the form of salt, this is the only type that is most popular and most used.

This salt has the highest amount of sodium. Iodine is also found in proper amounts of table salt which increases the immunity of our body.

6. sweet salt- Cyprus Salt This salt is mildly sweet in taste. It is found in the form of pyramidal shaped crystals. It is mainly used in bakery products. Apart from this, it is also used for garnishing salads. Vegetable flavored salt is being used in many hotels and restaurants these days.


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