Features of Gardening

Features of Gardening- 1. I get great joy and happiness in feeding, watering and looking after the trees and plants.

2. I really enjoy walking in the garden. Some people apply the plants very carefully.

3. From time to time water, fertilizers are given. I love to water the plants and the trees and plants shine during the rainy season.

4. Birds like cuckoo, pigeon, peacock, parrot come in the garden and speak in a melodious voice, which is very nice to hear.

5. Plants not only act as food sources but also release oxygen and help maintain the water table.

6. Vegetables grown in our garden are healthier, tastier, nutritious and chemical-free.

7. If your pots have been kept in a place where there is no sunlight for a long time, then keep them in the sun for a few days.

8. Having plants in the house makes the house as well as the surrounding environment clean.We cannot survive without plants.

9. Plants, including humans, are needed for food and the oxygen they produce. Without the heat of the sun, the Earth would freeze.

10. You can use plants like celery, basil, tomato, beans in the vertical garden. While planting, keep in mind that choose only those plants which require less water.

11. Just as trimming hair increases the scope for hair growth, so does it with plants. Trimming of plants is very important so that they have side growth.

12. Lack of water, strong sunlight or pests are the main causes of damage to the flowers due to which the flowers die easily. Therefore, you will always have to take some care to help your flowers bloom.


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