Shri Sita Devi Ma
Today is Shri Sita Devi Ma Navami. Goddess of wealth Lakshmi herself incarnated as Mother.

According to Valmiki Ramayana, Mother was born in Janakpur. After marriage, Mother had to go to exile for 14 years with Lord Rama.

She  gave birth to two twins named Luv and Kush from Valmiki Ashram.

It is considered to be the Prakatya day of Her, the wife of Lord Shri Ram.

It is said that Mother  had descended on the earth on this day. When Lord Shri Ram asked Shri Devi ma to take an oath of his purity.

Then Mother  entered the earth saying that if she has truly loved Him.

and her conduct is pure, then she should be absorbed in the earth at this time.

Mother was not only a housewife, that is, staying at home to make bread or watch the household chores.

She used to help in every work of Lord Shri Ram. she was also a working woman.

Animals understood the language of birds, knew the direction of the wind, and talked to the trees and the vines, due to which they could foresee the coming crisis in advance, they knew in advance about the disaster of nature.

She knew very well about herbs, trees, and plants, thus we learn from these actions of She that we should also love nature.

In Ramayana, Mother and Lord Ram always supported each other and after completing 14 years of exile, both came back to Ayodhya. Since that time Lord  and Mother  have been considered as an ideal life partner.

When Goddess She was abducted by Ravana, She threw her jewelery tied in the pallu of her sari so that anyone she met on the way could get a hint about Her.

These ornaments were found by the monkey king Sugriva and he kept the ornaments with him and then when he met Ram ji, these ornaments were shown to Shri and on this basis Ram ji had made further policy.


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