Watery eyes

Watery eyes- This problem is also caused due to chemical fumes, or allergy to something or something in the eyes.

Sometimes watery eyes can also be associated with some eye diseases.

This problem also starts due to dry eyes. This happens because your body does not have the right balance of water, oil, and mucus. Due to this, the eyes become dry and more tears start coming into the eyes.

Eye infections can be caused by infections, bacteria, or viruses, these viral infections can be cured with antibiotic eye drops.

1.eyes clean-  You have to take a clean cloth and at the same time soak it in lukewarm water and apply it slowly and you will feel relief yourself.

2. Cardamom-  Grind 2 cardamoms and boil it in a glass of milk and drink it at night.

3. Potatoes- Cut thin slices of potatoes and keep them in the fridge for some time. After this, keep these cold slices on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.

4. Avoid- Do not share eye makeup products with anyone and Good quality make up products should be used.

5. Rose water- The eyes get cool with the help of rose water. Put rose water on cotton and apply it on the eyes. This will remove the problem of watery eyes.

6. Increase the amount of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. They contain antioxidant lutein which removes such problems.

7. Tea bags- Herbal tea bags are also a good remedy for the problem of watery eyes. For this, you have to keep the tea bag in hot water for a while. After this, apply it by placing it on your eyes.


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