Judo and karate

In Judo and Karate, you are taught to draw and attack without weapons. It is also said to defend itself against its opponents.

Hands and feet are used in Judo. Judo is a lot like wrestling.

In this, defending himself from the player in front and picking him up, and throwing him far away.

Hands and feet are used in karate but here it is different from judo because in karate the opponent can be deeply hurt. And even his life can be taken. Knees and elbows are used a lot to defeat the opponent in karate.

It is quite a dangerous sport, a slight carelessness can break the neck, nose, arms, and legs.

Japan is the most famous country for  in the world. In today’s time, it  has reached Japan, Europe, the United States, Russia, and other countries of the world.

It  manifests itself as a sense of security. Keep your body healthy by learning the.

Learning karate leads to a strong body and sharp mind.

Martial arts not only inspire us to stay healthy, but also teach us to rely on ourselves for self-defense. People may learn martial arts techniques for a variety of reasons.

There are many different styles of martial arts that a person can learn, and they are available to learn at any age.

Martial arts is a sport that deals with attacking and defending.

They learn to overcome their fears and show courage under pressure. They learn about the values ​​of perseverance, respect, loyalty and discipline.


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