Listen to songs

Listen to songs-Songs are of different types. Some people like to sing and Everyone likes to listen to sad songs.

This refreshes the mood and relaxes the mind. Compared to those who do not listen to songs, those who work while listening to songs, complete their work faster and also give good ideas when needed.

Some people are walking. What used to be fun songs at that time are not online today.

There are seven svara and five sawrs Komal in music, through which efforts are made to cultivate the mind.

Just as yoga heals the body, mind, and soul of a person, similarly music calms our soul. Along with this, music is also very beneficial for our health.

Everyone likes to calm the mind. In today’s time, everyone is fond of listening to songs.

In-ear headphones can cause ear infections, which can later take the form of a serious illnesses. To avoid this, use headphones less and never use another person’s earphones. Listening to music for 30 minutes daily increases the capacity of the heart.

Listening to loud music continuously makes your ears vibrate. which can also cause deafness or hearing loss.

Along with exercise, listening to music increases the efficiency of the heart.

By listening to good music, the useless thoughts running inside the mind get a break. And when the mind becomes empty at night, then there is a good sleep at night.

Music is entertainment, so is meditation. If there is a companion of sadness, then there is also the voice of sadhna. Life is incomplete without music And it is music that fills your deserted world with happiness.


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