Food thoughts
Food thoughts- 1. Never wash hands after having meals on a plate. By doing this, Mata Lakshmi and Annapurna Mata are insulted and money is lost.

2. Give a little praise with a big heart, Whenever you go to the procession to eat, That father spends every penny of his hard work To feed you peas and cheese.

3. Somebody runs to earn bread, So no bread to digest. The story of this world is also strange.

4. health is the greatest gift contentment is the greatest wealth loyalty is the biggest relationship.

5. Never made fun of your poverty and hunger, He slept hungrily but did not spread his hand in front of anyone.

6. The plate of my life is empty without you, Come quickly and fill it with delicious food made by your hands.

7. Having meals without hunger encourages many diseases. Therefore, do not have food until you feel hungry.

8. The wages may be small, but the size of the roti is almost the same in everyone’s house.

9. If you want to be healthy, then you have to make this promise to yourself, Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains, Stay away from fast food that makes you sick.

10. Food is considered very sacred according to our tradition, it is not only a storehouse of energy and nutrients, but it reflects our art, honesty and ourselves in sharing it with each other.

10. Have breakfast in the morning like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a rank.


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