Train journey- I love train travel. It is nice to see the mountains and the river trees from outside the window. Listening to songs and watching movies in train is a good time pass. Reading magazines doesn’t tell the time.

Railways in India provide the major mode of transport for goods and passengers. It provides sightseeing, pilgrimage and education to people from afar.

Rail travel brings each other closer. We get to learn many things during this journey like meeting people, sharing our things.

Train travel is for us to enjoy the journey. We all give experiences and benefits, which bring peace to our mind. It’s nice to see trees and mountains.

Enjoy traveling with family. Sleeping in the train give relief. The fun of eating while traveling in a train is something else.

Some people bring food from home and take food from the station. Rail travel is comfortable for everyone from kids to adults. The train journey was very memorable for me.

Many people while traveling in the train go by spreading garbage in the train itself, but this is wrong.

Whenever you travel in a train, never forget to pull the chain. This is for an emergency only, don’t use it only if there is an emergency. Many times people pull chains for fun, but did you know that this activity can take you to jail.

Passengers whose trains are late wait for the train in the waiting room at the railway station.

Local trains are a busy mode of transport, and various people use them to reach their place of work.


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