Self-harm- Family pressure, Someone is constantly bullied, Recently heartbroken, Being treated badly in the house, Bad atmosphere in the house, Pressured by family members for something or the other all the time, Someone has been sexually assaulted. The death of a loved one inadvertently made a big mistake or is very angry, etc.

Any reason can compel us to do so. If someone around you creates a sense of self-harm in you, you should leave the place immediately so that person does not face you.

1. keep yourself busy- Try to distract yourself and keep your mind busy with things that interest you. Develop a hobby, Listen to music or participate in sports related activities.

2. write in diary- You write your feelings in a secret diary, this will also remove those feelings from your mind and you will not do any harm. You must control your emotions, and remember that no problem arises without a solution.

3. If you have thoughts of harming yourself, Talk to a good therapist about your heart. The therapist will help you deal with these problems.

4. share with someone- One should sit with such people and listen to them silently. He should speak so intimately that he can speak his mind openly.

Mental problems can be treated with medicine and therapy. For this you should take help from a psychiatrist.

5. Exercising is very beneficial both physically and mentally. It brings positive energy in your body and removes all the bad thoughts that come in your mind.


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