Allergy- Some people have allergies. Some people are allergic to flowers, foods, medicines, soil, animals.

Coconut oil should be applied. If you have any allergy or fungal infection on the skin, then mix camphor with coconut oil and apply it on that place. After using it once, you can see its effect. Ice pack should be used.

Mix honey and ginger juice and no stomach heat.

Vitamin D deficiency causes allergies. Milk, curd, egg should be eaten for vitamin D. Must sit in the sun. Fruits and juices should be consumed.

If someone is allergic to dust and smoke, then a handkerchief should be kept on the nose before going out of the house. Prevention is the cure for allergies.

First of all we should check what is the cause of allergy?

Cleanliness should be taken care of in the house because dusty soil causes allergies.

Seasonal allergies such as itching, itchy eyes due to histamine. The broadcast of the interpreter is also done in a similar way.

Most of the allergies are caused by cold and hot i.e. first by bathing with cold water and then by hot water, first by drinking coffee and then by drinking cold water immediately.

The body cannot tolerate such rapid changes. The left navel region houses the spleen, which is our body’s speedometer and adjuster.

It cannot tolerate rapid change and problems start to arise. So he suddenly has to give his energy to increase or decrease the flow of red blood cells.



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