benefits of camphor
Benefits of camphor- Camphor is known as a special medicinal substance obtained from the plant. Many healthy elements are found in it and it is also used in making many types of Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines.

1. Itching and burning of the skin: Camphor contains essential oil, which is beneficial in relieving itching and burning of the skin.

2. If you are troubled by dandruff, then mix a little camphor in coconut oil and massage it on the scalp. This oil helps in getting relief from dandruff.

3. Burning camphor on cow dung every day in the house prevents evil forces from entering the house and protects against evil eye ya Ajwain and camphor can be used.

4. Mixing camphor in hot water and sitting with feet in this water will give relief to cracked heels. The cracking of the heels will reduce in a few days.

5. Camphor is used during the aarti so that the atmosphere remains pure and fragrant.

6. Desi camphor is used in headache, body ache balm, cold medicines, cough syrups, some itching creams like skin problems and medicine for treating piles, etc.

7. Desi camphor settles down when put in water. Whereas fake camphor or adulterated camphor floats in water.

8. Genuine camphor burns without black smoke when burnt and leaves a negligible mark after burning. Imitation camphor on burning releases black smoke in the air and after burning darkens the pot.

9. To cure cracked heels, take hot water in the tub and mix camphor in it and sit for 10-15 minutes by putting your feet in it. By doing this, the heels are cured.


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