Kidney stones
Kidney Stones – the disease is an important kidney disease seen in many patients. Stones can cause unbearable pain, urinary infections, and kidney damage.

Gas is also formed due to the. It also causes mild pain. Apart from sitting and obesity, high blood pressure and reduced absorption of calcium in the body can also lead to stone formation.

1. Salty things also invite stones. If you want to avoid stones, then reduce the consumption of salty things to a minimum.

2. Eat watery fruits Eat water-rich flowers like coconut water, watermelon, melon, etc.

3. Tomato, Spinach, beetroot, and sweet potato should not be eaten.

4. Drink plenty of water Water is not only a medicine for the body but it is also very effective in diseases.

5. Consumption of high phosphorus foods chocolate, nuts, carbonated drinks, milk, and milk products curd, cheese, butter, soy cheese, soy curd, fast food, toffee, can soup, noodles, fried food, junk food, chips in kidney It should not be done when there is a stone.

Apart from this, avoid the consumption of dry fruits like peanuts, cashews, and raisins, and dry fruits.

6. Lemon juice and olive oil Mixing lemon juice and olive oil for years has been used for gall bladder stones, but it is also very effective in the.

7. There should be sufficient amount of calcium in the diet. Milk, curd, pulses, oranges and other dairy products are rich in calcium.

8. Control blood sugar, blood pressure and body weight with regular exercise as they reduce the risk of stones.


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