My family

My family – this is compulsive support for the human being.  they learn from language, customs, and traditions.

Joint families used to live together and nowadays people of one have started living separately.

It supports trouble and comes in handy in happiness and sorrow. One should love and respect each other in the.

Never share the matter of the house with people outside. Shouldn’t complain. Be happy and enjoy. Eating with is the greatest pleasure.

Where children’s heads are blessed by elders. Your should compromise its strength, not weakness.

One should serve each other. Those who use the value of the, do not break the agreement.

They are saves us from the hardships and feel a sense of belonging. The definition of  freedom is where we can breathe freely.

The consists of the people who support and love you, and the people you can trust and rely on.

An ideal  is one where the members, related or not, have love, joy, peace. If you have these, then you have a perfect family.

Using the remaining money in any service work without unnecessary financial performance on the occasion of marriage and auspicious festival in the.

They never runs with its own running means dictatorship, and dictatorial attitude. It is also an art to make the  members happy and make them run according to their wishes.

Extended family – This is in which members of up to three generations and other blood relatives live together and whose members number from 10 to 50.

(ii) Large family- This is whose member number ranges from 5 to 15 members in which parents and their married and unmarried children reside, such  is called members.

(iii) Small family- This is in which only husband wife and their children live together whose number is up to 5, 6, such is called a small members.


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