Poetry- it is gives us the message to move forward in life. We should achieve our goal and move forward. Time is always good.

1. When you feel happy for no reason, then believe that someone, somewhere – is praying for you.

2. The best gift in the world is time Because when you give your time to someone, So you give him that moment of your life, The one who never comes back.

3. When there is no one to listen. So people say their point in status.

4. One who has overcome his desires, That man has overcome the sorrows of life.

5. We are with you every step of the way, even though right away from you, but you have, Whether we are yours or not in life, But we are aware of your lack every moment.

6. Stopped somewhere while walking
So got to know some so it felt like a small world When those who know did not recognize So felt how small we are in this small world.

7. Learn to find happiness in the little things of everyday  Because great reasons for happiness don’t come easily.

8. “Be like water that makes its own way,  Don’t be like a stone that blocks the path of others.

9. There will be obstacles in life, there will be doubts, there will be mistakes too. But if you work hard there will be no limit.

10.  Don’t compare your life with others because.  The sun and the moon both shine but at their own time.

11. Do what you are afraid to do and keep doing it, this is the easiest way to conquer your fear.


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