Guitar- Playing it  is good for heart and brain health. If the mind is restless due to some reason, then playing gives a feeling of relaxation. Not only this, playing guitar improves your memory and also improves your communication skills.

Pandit Brijbhushan Kabra is recognized for being the only musician to artistically introduce and incorporate the in Indian classical music and was the first to play a raga on the.

When you start learning, gradually you become more skilled and your confidence starts increasing.

This  is made of light wood and has a flat bottom and top. it has six strings.

It is used for solo singing. Nowadays electronic  has become quite popular.

In the Old-time used to sit around and entertain by lighting a fire in a cool place at night.

Their are two different acousticand electric.

Hold it in such a way that it touches your stomach and chest and rests on the arms/legs that are strumming/lifting your.

Those who are very troubled, they must play this  for half an hour a day. It develops the ability to fight diseases.

Playing guitar is very beneficial for mental health. Playing it reduces stress and anxiety.

In this study on people playing guitar, it was found that people playing guitar for 100 minutes found a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate was also lower than others.

Keep practicing and before you get too far, you’ll never be bothered by sore fingers again.

Whenever your mind is troubled for some reason, playing the guitar will give you peace.


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