Energy drink
Energy drink- These days we start feeling tired and weak due to work. Energy drinks are liquids that contain a high amount of caffeine. This is done to increase physical and mental output. You can make energy drinks at home.

Coconut water is a great energy booster drink. It contains 95 percent water. Coconut water is a very good option in terms of health.

Drink coconut water, lemon juice, honey, and salt mixed. It does not cause weakness and fatigue. Honey can be taken in orange juice.

You can take cumin powder and salt in butter milk. Buttermilk contains vitamin D, vitamin B complex, which keep bones and teeth healthy. This can also cure anemia.4

Take watermelon juice, do not feel thirsty, and have energy. Consuming watermelon in summer is likely to reduce digestive problems.

Taking carrot juice, apple juice, and amla juice with honey increase energy.

Red Bull Energy Damage. After drinking red bull caffeine, when the blood comes in contact with the body, high blood pressure and heartbeat occur.

Drinking at- home energy drinks contain sugar. Drinking energy drinks gives strength to the body and removes weakness.

Banana and dark chocolate can be mixed by adding milk. Ripe banana is eaten like a fruit and raw banana is cooked like a vegetable.

Eating dates provides energy and is rich in fiber, protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin C.

Kokum is rich in nutrients and vitamins. In such a situation, if you are feeling tired or weak after a day’s work, then you can drink kokum energy drink. This will give you instant energy and will also remove fatigue.


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