Bangles-Married women always wear their in their hands. It not only enhance the beauty of women’s hands, but they also define many aspects of life.

Everyone loves to wear it. Women wear them at every festival or wedding. I am fond of the and love to collect them.

It is nice to wear matching  on every outfit. They  are a symbol of the marriage of married women.

They  are made of plastic, glass, sapphire, rhinoceros, iron, silver, gold, etc.

Lac  are made from a substance called lac. First of all, lac is heated and melted. It is then thinned like a bar on a wooden frame to give a bangle shape. After that, they are given color by giving them the right shape by putting them in a round cylinder-like block.

We have special importance in sixteen ornaments, so that are given special importance at the time of adornment.

You can make many beautiful wall hangings with the help of old  or you can give a unique look to the walls by creatively framing them. In this way, you can reuse old  to decorate different corners of the house.

Women of North India wear green and as green color is a symbol of prosperity.

Rajasthani brides wear (learn history of bangles) or are made of ivory in their hands.

It ranging from red to green is available in the market. The importance of each color is different. For example, red colored are considered a symbol of energy and prosperity while green colored  are related to good luck and fertility. While wearing yellow brings happiness in life, white are associated with new beginnings in life. A silver is a symbol of power and a gold is a symbol of luck.


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