Prevention of Insomnia

Insomnia- 1. Do yoga- you do not sleep, do some yoga by lying on the bed. Some yogas have proved useful in getting good sleep like doing Bhramari, Pranayama and Shavasana can lead to instant sleep.

2. Eat good diet- it almonds, walnuts, milk, and oatmeal in your diet. This will make you sleep well.

3. massage relaxes- Before sleeping at night, after washing the feet thoroughly and massaging mustard oil on the soles, the mind remains calm and sleep comes well.

4. Keep the body active – it is throughout the day. Jogging, walking, and swimming can help you get a sound sleep at night.

5. Avoid or limit coffee and alcohol. Do not use smoke.

6. There are some habits you can adopt to sleep comfortably, such as taking a bath before sleeping, reading books, or listening to music in a low voice.

7. Our body has a habit of sleeping at the same time which you spoil on weekends and it does not lead to sleep.

8. Practice sports or exercise daily for 30 minutes to exhaust your body and channelize energy.

9. Avoid watching TV or working on the computer and mobile phone late at night.

10.  Banana is a very tasty fruit to eat but it can be very beneficial for your deep sleep.

11. Take a bath with lukewarm water- If you do not sleep at night or do not sleep deeply, then take a bath with lukewarm water before sleeping.

12. Nutmeg, which is used as a spice in homes, is considered rich in many medicinal properties. Its use can eliminate the problem of insomnia.



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