Best donation quotes

Best donation quotes- 1. There is no greater charity than the one who feeds others while being hungry and the one who makes others drink while being thirsty himself.

2. The water of rivers does not end by drinking a bird, similarly giving charity does not reduce wealth.

3. No person has ever become poor by giving charity, while those who are poor by being miserly are in lakhs,

4. You should be happy by donating because trouble never climbs the wall of charity.

5. A charitable person never suffers nor is he ever surrounded by sin.

6. Have a laugh, blood donation work,
So that the afflicted get, the comfort of life.

7. The love we give to others stays with us. There is only one way to keep love and that is to share.

8. Prayer takes us on the path of God, fast reaches the door of His palace and charity takes us to that palace.

9. One thinks that what he can give, but he does not think that what he can get from this virtuous work.

10. Millions of people regularly donate to support causes they believe in, as well as to positively impact their own lives.

11. Take out the tenth part of the money that you have earned through proper means and give it to charity as a duty. Dedicate your charity for the pleasure of God.

12. Salt has that energy, if you donate salt to someone during the night, then negative energy will be born in your house, due to which your family problems can be seen.


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