Ganga Dussehra

Ganga Dussehra- it is a festival of purification of the body as well as mind, so on this day one should stand in Gangaji and ask forgiveness for the mistakes done in the past and take a pledge not to do any bad deeds in the future.

It took sage Bhagirath many years to meditate to bring Goddess Ganga to earth. This is the day on which the river Ganges descended from heaven to earth in Hasta Nakshatra on Jyeshtha Shukla Dashami.

On the day of the, after retiring from a bath, etc., after meditating on Mother Ganga, “Dwar Patra” is applied to the main door.

Donating Matka, and hand fan on the day of  gives double results.

In the evening, the aarti of Mother Ganga is performed by donating a lamp.

Take bath after remembering all the holy rivers by mixing Gangajal in the bathing water in your house. Doing this also gives the same result as taking a dip in the holy Ganges.

The day of festival is considered very holy and fruitful. Therefore, on this day religious books should be read and melodious speech should be used.

There should not be any sense of ego in the mind while chanting the mantra. Chanting should always be done with a calm mind. For this purity of body, mind and place is very necessary.

The Ganges River is considered to be the holiest of the rivers in India and it is believed that taking a bath in the Ganges washes away all the sins of a man.

The river is also used for fishing, irrigation and bathing, and is worshiped in Hinduism as Mother Ganga.



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