coin collection
coin collection- 1.Many people buy antique goods. Some people who collect old coins can give you good money for it.

2. The collectors of old, unique coins lying in the house pay a large amount for them. You can earn crores by selling these coins on the website, foreign coin market.

3. Coins are hot and made of different metals at different times.

4. Coin metals are gold, silver, and copper. All three are known as coin metals because they were used in making coins.

5. When the rupee was not in circulation, then the transactions in the market were done with taka vital bronze currencies, etc.

6. Silver coins issued by Sher Shah Suri between 1540 – 1545 were used.

7. The first rupee note of independent India was issued by the Reserve Bank of India in the year 1949.

8. The Reserve Bank first issued Rs 100 notes in the year 1969 as a commemoration of Gandhiji’s ¬†picture.

9. The costliest coin is a US coin. The name of this coin is 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin.

10. Coins with the image of Vaishno Devi are considered very auspicious in Hinduism. Many people also keep it in the purse considering it as the grace of the mother.

11. According to media reports, these coins and notes can be sold on various online platforms for buying and selling old goods. You will also have to register to sell them on some websites.

12. Copper coins prove to be very helpful in reducing the effects of bad planets in the horoscope.


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