nirjala ekadashi

nirjala ekadashi  fast, one gets the virtuous results of all other Ekadashis. The person has a long life and attains salvation.

On the next day of this, wake up early in the morning and offer water to the Sun God. After this, donate food, clothes, and water to the poor.

On that day Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Mantra should be recited and cow donations should be done.

On this day Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi should be duly worshipped.

On this day people spend their time chanting bhajans of God and listening to stories.

On this day a pitcher filled with water should be covered with a cloth and donated along with gold.

Donations of food, clothes, (shoes), etc. should also be done on the day of Nirjala.

On the day of the, do not keep hatred, hatred, or anger towards anyone in your mind.

Stay away from bad habits like work, attachment, and greed on the day fast.

On this day, water and grains should be poured for animals and birds on the roof of your house or somewhere in the open.

Devotees who donate water urn get the fruits of the throughout the year.

If the intake of salt is very important, then you can eat rock salt once a day. Even if you are not fasting, eat only sattvic food.

On this day, one should try to avoid doing any kind of sinful act by mind, action and word.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu loves Tulsi ji, so offer some Tulsi leaves to him while worshipping.


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