benefits of havan
Benefits of Havan is done in many auspicious works like land worship or building construction, worship, story, marriage, etc. Vaastu defects are also removed by Havan.

Havan should be performed in every house for the purification and health of the house.

You can do a small havan at home and take a small havan kund and keep dry coconut and camphor in it. Put Google, frankincense, carom seeds, cloves and upla. Then say Swaha by putting the Havan material. After this Gayatri Mantra was recited.

To perform Havan, you must first establish the Havan Kund in a clean place. After this light the fire in the havan kund with mango wood and camphor.

Chanting any mantra along with Havan causes positive sound waves.

If the smoke of the havan comes in contact with the body, then the bacteria causing deadly diseases like typhoid are destroyed and the body becomes pure.

When mango woods are burnt, a beneficial gas is produced from them, which kills the dangerous bacteria and bacteria present in the environment.

After the completion of the havan, donating money, food, fruits, clothes, and life-useful things to the brahmins according to reverence brings peace to the planet.

Havan has the power to destroy 94 percent harmful bacteria. That’s why it should be done at home from time to time.

The fire that is lit in the Havan Kund should not be extinguished by pouring water.

Positive energy is generated by performing Havan. This destroys the negative energy and evil spirits of the house. Not only this, if there is any planetary defect, then it also goes away from this Havan.


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