Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja yoga – In meditation is done sitting in an easy posture. People who practice it during meditation feel a cool breeze from the head to the hands.

It is a spiritual process that involves bringing together  body, mind, and spirit.

It can be a quiet room or a secluded open space. Meditating at the same place everyday is considered good for progress in meditation.

In the Kundalini awakening and nirvichar samadhi, mental peace helps people to realize themselves and to know themselves.

There are four main types of Raja,  Karma, Bhakti and Jnana.

Along with India, the whole world celebrates on the 21st of June.

The art of practicing helps to control one’s mind, body, and spirit.

It also helps in increasing flexibility, strengthening muscles, and enhancing physical health in the body.

It helps in the treatment of many types of diseases related to asthma, diabetes, skin, and heart.

By doing pure air goes into the lungs and vitality increases.

While practicing, it should be done on an empty stomach or with a snack. If you feel weak during practice, then mix a little honey in lukewarm water and take it.

For general health, Sahaja strengthens physically, mentally and emotionally. Along with this, the root of diseases occurring in the body can be eliminated.

It can be practiced to quit any kind of bad habit and addiction like smoking, mandir intake etc.

Sahaja  increases concentration in people and they can easily do what they want to achieve in life.



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