daily routine
Daily routine – how should the morning routine be? The routine starts at 4 in the morning. Every person should make his routine healthy and disciplined so that he can live his life properly.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, first of all, look at your palm and meditate on God. Doing this boosts confidence. Water should be given to the sun every morning.
We should get up early in the morning.

After that, We should do meditation because if We meditate in the morning time then there is peace at that time. 

Make sure to spend time doing yoga, exercise, meditation, etc. After taking bath in the morning, do worship God.

Drinking hot water will improve your digestion system and by clearing the stomach, you will be saved from gas, indigestion, and many other disorders.

should be silent in the morning. Some people spoil the mood of others in the morning and do not have a good day throughout the day.

Have a nutritious breakfast. Consuming fruits is beneficial. Eat food of your choice for lunch and dinner.

The walk should be done in the evening time and do whatever you like.

Experts say that sleeping immediately after eating food can cause obesity. With the heaviness in the body, the mind is unable to think with full force and becomes sluggish. Apart from this, there are many other problems.

A healthy society is created by following the routine and the overall health of the physical, mental, and spiritual, and family is attained.


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