Good evening
Good evening – 1. Experience is such a part of our life that we have learned in a long time and we have mastered something, we will say that we have experience of this thing.

2. Any type of pain in the human body or life has the power to bear that pain.

3. Those who are true to heart, aren’t they? Luck is bad for them.

4. No one gets love from love in life, no one gets dearer than love in life, take care of what you have, because once lost, love is never found again.

5. A beautiful moment tells a story, Know when who becomes a part of life, Some people meet in life like this, A relationship that never breaks.

6. to keep the relationship successful love, respect for each other, Respect and trust are very important.

7. If you are fond of finding evils then start Doing it by yourself, not with others.

8. Luck doesn’t give anything to anyone to get to the destination, Karma has to be done every day no matter what you want, Or not just stupid things don’t work.

9. True people who believe in you as their own will never leave you. Don’t worry too much about those who left you. Appreciate those who are with you right now, only they are the most special in your life.

10. Never drive a car while intoxicated or use a phone while driving. Because more cars can be found but not life. Even if you have life insurance, you only get money, you don’t get a life.


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