badminton 1. I enjoy playing badminton. Daily 1-hour it should be played so that there is good sleep at night.

2. This is an outdoor sport that is a lot of fun to play and is one of the popular children’s games.

3. This is the national sport of Indonesia. At least 2 – 4 players are required to play the game.

4. The length of the string should not exceed 280 mm, while the width is required to be maintained within 220 mm.

5. A shuttlecock of this weighs approximately 4.74 grams to 5.51 grams.

6. The Duke of Beaufort introduced the game of this to England in 1873.

7. It makes you strong and fit by increasing the strength of your muscles. Playing for 1-hour burns about 500 calories.

8. Due to continuous jumping, running, and stretching while playing the game, the heart rate increases significantly, due to which your lungs also start working better.

9. Playing the game enhances the mood because playing increases the secretion of endorphin hormones that give pleasure to the body.

10. Before playing the player, eat papaya, apple at normal temperature, banana in the morning, orange, and seasonal fruit. Drink less water while playing. Take special care of your diet even when the player is not playing.

11. To become a badminton player, from an early age, keep practicing to play badminton in the streets of your locality or any field.
To perform well in the game, first of all, it is necessary to control the shot.


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