Tea on a farm

Tea on a farm- Do you want to enjoy the same taste as me? Let me teach you. Now let’s take some wood to make tea. Take some sticks and fine straws for starting the fire. Keep the wood near the utensil. Now let’s clear a little space to sit.

The taste of tea made in the field in Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan is something else.

We will prepare the stove for making tea. Make a stove by digging sand from a pot. Dig a long pit with a pot. Always sit under different trees while working in the fields. So we make a temporary stove out of utensils. The stove is ready.

Put fine straws in it. Put some sticks on it. Break the sticks. Now we turn on the stove and take water to make tea. Put a vessel on the stove and pour water into it.

Now put one and a half tsp leaves in the pot. After adding the tea leaves, let the water come to a boil. When the tea water starts boiling, add milk to it. Let it cook. After a few minutes, the tea will start boiling again.

Now we will put two and a half tsp of sugar in it. And we will add a little bit of chai masala. We will let the tea boil three to four times.

Now different types of stoves have come into the villages too. Now we filter the tea in the cup and serve it hot. Share with me when you try it. Let’s enjoy the Desi Tea in the monsoon!


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