Rainy season
Rainy season- I like rain. The weather cools down with rain. Some people bathe in the rain. Trees and plants bloom in this season.

There is greenery all around. Rivers fill with water. Some people drink tea and hot snacks are eaten during the.

The first is to release happy hormones like endorphins and serotonin hormones. In such a situation, the person remains stress-free and feels very happy.

Dengue happens during, keep your cooler clean, and don’t let water stagnate in the house.

Farmers waiting for rain for a good harvest.

Rainbow is often seen during the rainy season and children are happy to see it.

Everywhere the road gets flooded and jammed.

Old fashioned people say that getting wet in the first rain cures many diseases! As hormone products are even better! And rain water is known to be good for the skin too!

Get colorful raincoats and umbrellas for the school going kids. Kids love such colors and happily wear them to school.

Let fresh air come in the premises of the house. Do not close doors and windows. Keep it open so that fresh air can enter the house and foul smell can be removed from the house.

Because of the rain, the heat is over, the whole atmosphere becomes very cool, which is pleasant for all the people.

The children who stop coming out of the house due to summer, during the rainy season, they go out, play, sing and enjoy the rain to the fullest.



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