Blinking of eyes

Blinking of eyes- Myopia (Shortsightedness or nearsightedness) is a condition in which close-up objects can be seen clearly, but distant ones can’t. Myopia is increasing globally among kids.

Blinking of eyes is due to some reason. Watching a computer for a long time, watching mobile, or having dry eyes is a problem.

Eye flutters due to lack of magnesium in the body, to overcome it, visit a doctor and take necessary nutrition.

1.  Place ice in cotton and apply it over and around your eyes. Take care not to apply the ice directly to the eyes.

2. Drop drops of rose water in the eyes and it gives relief to the eyes  if your eyes are getting dry and your Eyes must be exercised.

3. Candle treatment should be done for the eyes and for that see the flame of the candle.

4. Keep the ice pack in the eyes and get relief. Applying cucumber and potato gives coolness to the eyes.

5. The eyes blink due to lack of sleep and also due to fatigue.

6. To keep the eyes healthy, one should blink continuously and frequently. Because frequent blinking helps to spread the layer of tears on the pupil of the eye, which keeps your eyes healthy.

7. Green leafy vegetables can overcome the problem of low vision. Carotenoid is present inside them which is rich in Vitamin A.

8. Some nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts etc. are also very useful for the eyes. Vitamin E is present inside them, which can not only reduce the chances of myopia but can also prevent the problem of dry eyes.


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