Flute- I like hearing flutes. It is good for health and the decision is taken. Playing the flute brings peace to the mind.

The lungs are strong. It is stronger than the diaphragm. Memories are better by playing the.

You can learn music. They should be kept clean by wiping them with a wet cloth and should not be washed with water.

A person was born who did not limit the a folk instrument, but used it in harmony with classical music and gave a new instrument place in Indian music. And that great person was Pandit Panna Lal Ghosh.

Shri Krishna played such a flute for the first time that everyone felt as if he had learned to play it for many lives.

Lord Krishna is auspicious. Keeping Kanha’s flute in the right place at home brings happiness and prosperity to the family.

Krishna Ji was in love with the music and used to play it. Lord shiv had given a  to Lord Krishna as a gift. When Shri Radha Ji left his body After that he never played.

It has no knot. It is hollow. This means that do not keep the knots inside you in any way.

The bean does not ring, that is, do not speak until it is said. It is better to keep calm than to speak badly.

There are made of materials such as copper-nickel, silver, gold, and granadilla (a type of wood).

The word is derived from bamboo (bamboo) and sur (musical note). The bansuri has six to seven holes and varies in size depending on the pitch.


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