Jai shri krishna

Jai shri krishna- When Shri Krishna came on earth, he said that all this is Leela. It’s all a game. But you cannot watch the game because you are involved in it.

But if you are advanced – if you are in the water you will be afraid of the water, but if you sit in the boat you will see the water from there and if you know how to swim you will be afraid of the water. Able to save other people from drowning as well.

That’s why they say if you develop witnessing, become a witness, you will see everything as drama.

Then there will be no effect on you. You will not worry about anything. You will see problems, but because you are above them, you can solve them.

This was his great incarnation, in which he taught the first step towards evolution is that you have to be a witness. You have to be a witness.

Lord Shri Krishna preaches that every person should do his duty.

That is religion. If the duty is not followed, there is disturbance and distress in the mind. Do your duty keeping aside your likes and dislikes, attachment and hatred.

Be your own charioteer in your sorrow,
Because no Krishna will be found in this era!

The person who is engaged in some good work, his end is never bad in the coming times.

Man can take his destiny in his hands, he is responsible for his deeds. If somehow he learns to control his actions, then luck can come under his control.

– His Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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