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Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom- Knowledge plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Knowledge only teaches us the way to live life.

1. The power of a woman is like that of Mother Earth, see how much she” has done for you.

2. Change yourself, change the world.

3. Matter can never give you joy, it’s the spirit that gives you joy.

4. As soon as you open your heart, you will widen yourself, and you will grow.

5. The reality is that you are a spirit the rest is a myth. Enjoyment is only possible when you are beyond your mind.

6. Love has its qualities and one of the qualities is that love understands.

7. Wise men don’t look for gold and silver, they look for only one metal and that is knowledge.

8. Life without love is like a tree that has neither flowers nor fruit.

9. Until we become parents ourselves, we can never know the love of parents.

10.  He who is truly merciful is truly wise, and he who does not love others is not blessed by God.

11. The power needed to do any work is faith.  there is no greater power than this.

12.  Always keep one thing in mind in life. Stop asking others for what you can earn.

13. Support in the time of illness shows that when a person comes to meet, they are his people and if someone does not remember to meet, then he becomes alienated.

14. Someone supports you in bad times. Your people who live in happiness and sorrow and help. We should help them.

15. They are their own and those who live around them but those who are not close to our alienation.

16. Those who understand the feelings belong to them.  What is beyond feelings is separation.

17. Those people are their own and most precious, who ruthlessly miss you.


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