Tingling- ┬áin hands, and feet also occur due to a lack of blood circulation in the body. So let’s know about the causes of tingling in hands and feet and its home remedies.

This is due to the deficiency of Vitamin B and D complex, magnesium and rich protein and iron.

If there is a burning sensation in the chest and stomach, then it can be the cause of acidity.

1. Turmeric milk is very beneficial for health. You can also drink turmeric powder by adding it to hot milk, which will greatly benefit your health.

2. Keep your hands and feet in lukewarm water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Doing this will give a lot of relief.

3. Yoga should be done in daily routine. Yoga Pranayama is very beneficial for the body. Due to this, our blood circulation remains equal.

4. Add a cup of rock salt to a tub full of water. Your legs in lukewarm water and keep it.

5. After bathing, apply coconut oil on the body. This massage helps in increasing the blood circulation in the feet.

6. Due to deficiency of Vitamin B12, there may be complaints of tingling and numbness in the hands. Due to the proper advice of the doctor, you can take vitamin medicines.

7.Healthy food and juice should be drunk. Take a balanced diet such as eggs and rice, whole grains, oranges, nuts, etc. If you feel allergic to any of the things mentioned above, then do not use that thing on your skin.


8. Consume Cinnamon contains many such nutrients which help in improving the blood flow in your body.

9. Anti-inflammatory properties are present inside almond oil, which not only reduces the swelling of blood vessels but also gives relief from tingling hands and feet.


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