Wisdom quotes

wisdom Quotes- 1. Do not depend too much on anyone in the world because when you are in someone’s shadow, you do not see your own shadow.

2. Hide your shortcomings from the whole world, but never hide your shortcomings from yourself, To hide your shortcomings from yourself means to ruin yourself.

3. Human beings are born in every house, but humanity is born somewhere.

4. keep up the good work even if people praise, do or don’t more than half the world Keeps sleeping, the sun still comes out.

5. Stop counting two things own sorrow and happiness of others, life will be easier.

6. There was a time, when you used to wake up smiling in the morning, today many times, it turns into evening without smiling.

7. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep going.

8. It is not necessary to sweeten the mouth of others by feeding sweets, you can give happiness to people by speaking sweet.

9. When you start any work, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t give up on that work. Those who work honestly are the happiest. Success is getting what they want.

10. Life is full of joys and tears; Be strong and believe in yourself.

11. earthen pot and family price, Only the creator knows, Not the breaker.

12. You just keep doing good work, because whether people praise or not, more than half the world sleeps, even then the sun rises.” “Be like water that makes its own way and itself, neither be a stone that blocks the way of others.”


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